Friday, October 9, 2009

Hey..Check Out My Omegle Conversation Log - Chat log with an Italian Girl

Okay...For those who doesn't know the website ...Well, it is a site where you can chat with a stranger...I mean completely a stranger..that he/she might be from any parts of the world...It is too hard to find good peoples to chat with...I think this Italian Girl would excuse me for posting this blog in my blogspot...and very very sorry for lyieng...I mean if I told you the real will definitely disconnect within no time....I am very sorry...

So here is the chat log:

Connecting to server...
Looking for someone you can chat with. Hang on.
You're now chatting with a random stranger. Say hi!
A word of advice: "asl" is boring. Please find something more interesting to talk about!
You: are u a girl
Stranger: yes i am
You: well hi
Stranger: so what?
Stranger: nice to meet u
You: give me your filckr or stock photo id
You: u too
You: u have any
Stranger: what for?
You: jez checkin out.... one friend in omegle gave me & i really enjoyed it
You: checkin the albums
Stranger: let me guess
You: do you have one
Stranger: are u single
You: Noo
You: actually im
You: yeah
You: whats your name
Stranger: i get it
You: what
You: im not knida like that
You: i just wanna spent tym
Stranger: my name
Stranger: lucy
You: yeah
You: ok
You: what else
Stranger: and u?
You: where you from
You: tom
Stranger: ok nice to meet u tom
Stranger: im from italy
You: ok
You: grt place
Stranger: thanks
You: what is your current favorite song
You: if you have any
You: ?
Stranger: well
Stranger: i like listen heavy rock music
Stranger: metal
You: ok
You: me too
Stranger: metalcore for specificly
You: u like punk rock
Stranger: punk rock?
You: i mean green day
Stranger: like blink
Stranger: yea
You: you know horeshoes and hand grenades
Stranger: nope
You: yeah like blink 182
You: what else
You: you have photo
You: or something
Stranger: blink, green day
Stranger: yes i have
You: i mean in internet
You: or something
You: can i see it
Stranger: ok
Stranger: gimme a sec please
You: ure nice i suppose
You: thank you
You: actually in this omegle thing most of the people doesn't chat these are one of the rare ppls
Stranger: maybe this one
You: ok ill check it out
You: oh how old are you
You: 23
You: ?
Stranger: im 25
You: grt great me ttoo
Stranger: we're close
Stranger: haha
Stranger: so
Stranger: whats your hobby now
You: now means
You: ok nowadays
Stranger: yep
You: my hobbies are just hangin out with friends and yes website designing ...internet loafing
You: im a big big internet loafer
You: yes playing games too
You: what are yours
You: ?
Stranger: awesome
Stranger: metoo
Stranger: play computer games
You: yeah
Stranger: guitar
You: oh i always wanna study guitar
You: actually i think nowadays you can study guitar online
You: but i dont have one
Stranger: yes
Stranger: check some on youtube
Stranger: theyre al free
You: yeah i always love youtube
You: i mean i saw 10000 videos
You: approximately
Stranger: oh yea
You: what are some pc games that you are playing these days
Stranger: well
Stranger: shooting games
Stranger: like
Stranger: left 4 dead
You: like UT
You: yeah but there is a prob with left 4 dead
Stranger: no i dont like unreal tournament
Stranger: whats the prob?
You: bcoz in that game everything is unlocked every level every weapon and all nothing to play and win
Stranger: play it online
Stranger: really awesome
You: i think its 75% for internet gaming
You: yeah yeah
You: is it free to play online
Stranger: yes
Stranger: u can join any server di u like
Stranger: *do
You: no accounts nedden ? i mean like stream and all
Stranger: steam u mean?some servers dont nedd
Stranger: *need
You: yeah...
You: i think I must re-install it
You: my graphics card blowed up
You: whats yours
You: nVidia ____
Stranger: ati
Stranger: radeon
Stranger: umm
Stranger: a sec please
You: gotta go
You: im very sorry
You: urgent
Stranger: ati radeon hd 2500 xt
Stranger: okayy
Stranger: nice to meet you
You: if u wan note my hotmail or yahoo id
You: its
Stranger: okayy
Stranger: ill contact u sometime
You: gud
You: chavo
You: ur nice
Stranger: bye
Stranger: thanks
You: Buh - Bye
You have disconnected.

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