Friday, October 9, 2009

Omegle Conversation Log - An Interesting chat with a Good 2 Chat Person

An Interesting Chat With A Chinese Guy [or Brother]

You: what's up ?
Stranger: hi
You: where are you from ?
Stranger: cn.u?
You: cn means canada...if guess
You: I am from India
Stranger: no,ca means canada
Stranger: cn means china
You: ohh...ok
Stranger: we are really near
You: really...reaaallly....just a walk to you home
Stranger: ha?
You: so what's up ?
You: what kinda hobbies you have
Stranger: not bad
Stranger: yet not good
You: and may I know your age and name ?
Stranger: not my gender?
You: what is your gender ?
You: you didn't mentioned that earlier if I am rite
You: !
Stranger: well, i just feel surprise you ask about other things instead of gender
Stranger: people here always care about whether the other one is f/m
You: I know all these idiots here are sex maniacs and all
You: i doo have the problem
Stranger: yep
Stranger: i don't like them
Stranger: at all
You: so I used to lie that I am girl and ....didn't say nothing at all like you are doing
Stranger: well, u canny guy
You: yeah
You: Im just so ExPresSive ....that's all
You: you atleast you can be expressive here...
Stranger: yeah~
Stranger: have anyone discovered the truth?
Stranger: i mean your gender
You: no I used to seduce them and more and more and tell them the
You: and they were really frustrated
You: Me at the end ...usually say ... those are the little punishments for your little desires
Stranger: if i were them, i'll be mad about u, really
Stranger: but
Stranger: GOOD JOB!!
Stranger: seems u r a good actor,haha
You: Hey....but i am not an dishonest man...i think i am good guy....i like to help others...and I am not one of those sadistic bastards out there....
Stranger: well, i don't mean to offend u, i was just commending your job~i really like what u have done
You: this is not my job ...this is a way of time pass ...
You: what are you>>> working or student
Stranger: to say job i mean what u have done...
Stranger: u guess?
You: job
You: ...sorry
You: a working man
Stranger: is it dinner time in your country?
Stranger: gosh!
You: 6:15 pm and our dinner time is ahh...9:30 pm
Stranger: really?so late!!!
Stranger: we used to have dinner at around 6 or 7
Stranger: sometimes may be 5
Stranger: rarely after 8
You: yeah...ofcourse...dunno about china...but here in India...the cultures vary from place to place
You: then when do you go to sleep
Stranger: it is really amazing
Stranger: most people before 12
You: you ?
Stranger: i used to go to bed at 12.XDD
You: and XDD means
You: 12.00 clock rite
Stranger: means laugh "hahah"
You: I think that is " lol "
You: hmm....
Stranger: well, XD is a figure ,like a picture
You: does orkut the social networking site available in you country ?
Stranger: X is the eyes and D is the laughing mouth
You: yahoo and all...ic
You: :D
Stranger: that's right
Stranger: well, i don't know about orkut,
You: only facebook
You: and are you in twitter ?
Stranger: so i have no idea whether it is available here
You: ok
Stranger: twitter?
Stranger: what's that? something like facebook?
You: you don't know twitter ?
Stranger: tell me about it
You: It is a very very popular thingie... but many limitations....but many celebs , singers, songwriters, politicians [like arnold schwarzennegger] are using that thingie
You: hey you know katy perry ?
You: or Paris Hilton
Stranger: that girl i know
Stranger: but talking with u makes me feel i am really out....sad
You: no...that is are not spending enough time in the internet....but better not do one friend of me who is a techie maniac...once said to me ...doing and mastering tech things in internet and having fun watching videos...and all are soo...i mean..soo inward...there is no better thing than going for a ride with the family in can't get that from the internet or compu stuffs
You: I just spend too many time surfing and exploring new music . new music videos......listening to rock n roll and searching the meaning of the specific song out in the internet and all
Stranger: well. that's true
Stranger: but i do think the time i spend on internet is not enough
Stranger: anyway, thank u
Stranger: seems u really young
You: how you dig that out
You: know psychology or something
You: or are you too old enough to say like that
Stranger: hah, just because what u do is the usual thing as the guys around me do
You: oh
Stranger: i am not that old...but may be ....who knows
Stranger: i always feel i am not young
Stranger: while sometimes naive
Stranger: really contradictory
You: well stick on to reality
Stranger: how old r u?
You: 17
You: you ?
You: 40 ?? ?
Stranger: that's right ~
Stranger: no
Stranger: i mean your age is what i think
Stranger: i am 25
You: how old are you really ?
You: ok
You: that is pretty ok
You: and still you feel like that
You: oh
You: cut of the stray thoughts
Stranger: yeah, no time for dangling....i must go now, so see u
You: one minute
You: tell me your name ?
You: mine is Navaneet
Stranger: english or chinese?
Stranger: my name, i mean
You: english only
You: i don't know chineede
You: chineese
Stranger: chris. that's my english name
You: ok]
You: gud
You: one more
You: and could I post this chat log in my blog...will give you the address...
Stranger: that's great, thank u
You: ok...fine
You: want the address or what
You: ?
Stranger: yep, address
You: I have 4-5 blogs
You: will give you the blog im gonna post this chat log
Stranger: yes, of course
You: you have a blog or something
Stranger: ok, got it
You: ?
You: i guess not
Stranger: yep, but in chinese, sorry
You: give it to me anyways
Stranger: alright,wait
You: ok
Stranger: com
You: ok kool
You: will bookmark that
Stranger: thank u
Stranger: so see u
Your conversational partner has disconnected.

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