Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Tool- Ænema While Searching the meaning...I got this ...

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A dream of life, and how it should be. People ponder and worry their minds about when the world is going to end. Will it be tommorow or today? Who cares? We have lost focus of what life is. It isn't about what we own or who we are friends with. Life is about this moment, who we are inside and out, what we share with each other. I feel that Maynard paints a clear picture of how society has become a monster. We lost the whole meaning of life. We have become obssesed with money, sex, and power. Not about love for each other, the ability to understand someone else, to share the pain someone feels, to care about what we do. The morality has been lost and it's time we brought it back. I believe Maynard just used L.A. as an example. The whole U.S. is like it. The world is like it. To me the sweetest taste is the one of revival. A new and fresh start. It's like when you wash you face when you wake up. Cool and soothing. It hurts to see the insainty, to hear people hate so much. To know what people feel. And personally, seeing all this hate and lack of compassion make some want to have faith in something more powerful than us. Because that is what it would take to make things right again. Put aside our petty wants, and feel for a change. Money, drugs, meaningless sex, it is all false realities. Something to hold you in one place. Think outside the box. Think outside of your body and trust in your spirit. Allow your soul to join with others and celebrate life. But many don't see it, they just want to be laid, intoxicated, famous, and rich. Money is a object, not a person. Why love it. Why put aside you awareness to feel helpless? Why share yourself with someone you don't care about? Why waste your life worring about what people think of you, and not focus on what you think about you. Be who you are, your better that way. Seems like it does need to be washed away. He said it best, "Don't just call me pessimist
Try and read between the lines!"

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