Sunday, January 10, 2010

Omegle conversation log 2010-01-10 - Kate from Hungary

You're now chatting with a random stranger. Say hi!
You: Name
You: ?
Stranger: hi
You: hi
Stranger: Kate
You: from
You: i am from india
You: na
You: you from ?
Stranger: hungary
You: what's up kate ?
Stranger: it's quite small :S:D
You: mee too
Stranger: nothing
You: how old are you ?
Stranger: 15
You: I am 17
You: soo
You: what are you doing ?
You: I mean studying what
Stranger: msn, myvip and music
You: What is myvip
You: ?
You: ?
You: hmm
You: is it difficult to explain
You: then leave it
You: or does youvip means your bf
You: or something
Stranger: I may mark my friends there and I may make people's acquaintances
Stranger: it's website :)
You: I see
You: cool
You: kool
You: Gotta check that out
You: ok
You: then
You: then
You: have a photo
You: ?
Stranger: yes
You: ahh.would you mind showing me that so that I would have a better view
You: about you
Stranger: i can't in it
You: what
You: just give me the link for your photo
You: I'll give mine too
Stranger: but you don't sign in myvip or iwiw
Stranger: and you can't see my photos
You: you use outlook
You: i mean outlook express
You: katie
Stranger: please write me your e-mail adress and i send myvip card for you :)
You: thanks
Stranger: and you can sign up to myvip .D
You: :D
You: just send the photo right into my email...why are you sending the myvip card (the invitation) ?
Stranger: it will be english
Stranger: i send for you myvip card
You: lemme look
Stranger: ok
You: is it Fotos y videos de Anjali Romero
You: that is in my email
You: box
You: there
Stranger: ?
You: there is no email
You: I just can live without your photo...since I am honest and I know that Me and You will never see eachother and never communicate eachother in our whole life time....aware of that...I want you to know that there is only one love in this whole and that is my philosophy
You: Thank You Kate
Stranger: wait
You: Bye
You: why
You: ok
Stranger: because the myvip card is come for you
Stranger: ok
Stranger: bye
You: over and out
You: one love
You have disconnected.

Thank You Katy


  1. Can't you understand you're chatting with a bot? Look at the random answers. Its just a stupid program.

  2. I don't think that I am chatting with a bot...No they're realistic and can't be bots coz I've used this very much...when I told one to check out one of my youtube video...he really checked that out and commented that...well, I like Omegle and I don't know any other programs like this which is free (no registration needing) site..