Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Omegle conversation log 2010-01-11 - Danielle from Hawaii

You're now chatting with a random stranger. Say hi!
Stranger: hi
You: hi
Stranger: good morning
Stranger: what's up?
You: actually it is 11:37 pm here
You: and I gotta sleep
Stranger: still morning!
Stranger: oh
Stranger: at night?
You: yeah
Stranger: that's cool
You: Where are you ?
Stranger: I just got up
Stranger: Hawaii
Stranger: you?
You: India
You: I want to come to Hawaii
You: coz in my mind
Stranger: nice! Opposite sides of the globe
You: it is so...relaxing place
You: i mean soothing peaceful place
Stranger: I suppose....I mean, as someone who lives here, I just kind of think it's boring
You: what is you namr?
Stranger: but that's relaxing I guess
You: lol
Stranger: Danielle
Stranger: yours?
You: m/f
You: Navaneet
You: kinda weird rite
You: m/f
Stranger: female
You: yah
Stranger: that's cool
You: soo
Stranger: I've got some friends from Sri Lanka
You: I see
You: so how old are you
Stranger: 18
You: and what are you doing
Stranger: and nothing much, just made a cup of this weird chocolate tea
You: and are they internet friends or real friends
Stranger: got up, had a pomegranite
You: ic
Stranger: real friends. I don't really have internet friends
You: I see
You: good
You: then
You: what s your plan
You: for today
Stranger: plan?
Stranger: ah.
You: have a gf or something]
You: sorry
You: sorry
You: hav a bf or something
You: lol
Stranger: ha! Um, not really. I just broke it off with one, but that was in college anyways. And I'm back home for break.
You: I see lol
Stranger: today I was thinking I'd hit Goodwill and see if I could find any hippyish top to go with this skirt that just kind of...came into my possession. Weird story.
Stranger: how about you?
Stranger: plan for tomorrow?
You: woaw
You: what the hell
You: kool
You: I dunno...I have school..
You: yah i m young
Stranger: how old are you?
You: ;lol
You: 17
Stranger: not THAT young
You: yah...1 yr
You: I jus wanna hit 18
Stranger: mhm. You thinking about college?
You: so then i can ride bikes cars everything without caring the cops
You: yah
You: why
Stranger: just wondering
You: what else if not college
Stranger: I dunno. But I know people who decide not to.
You: my gosh
Stranger: work I guess.
You: everybody here has to go to college
You: and will go to them
You: working after school ??
You: straight after that
Stranger: mhm
You: what kinda work are they doing ?
You: newspaper boy
You: or what
Stranger: just...whatever they can get. not newspaper boy. More like....service industry or something of the like
You: I see
Stranger: we've got a lot of shops, so people do that.
You: well ..it is natural..coz you are living in a very very far place
You: many cultural and etc differences
You: I live in a state called Kerala
You: and it is called 'God's Own Country'
You: and yes it is god's own country
You: but the ppl are the very opposite
You: expect my kind ...lol
You: hmm
Stranger: what do you mean by that?
You: devil
You: naaah...not that much
You: but..hmm..i hate these politics and all
You: so leave it
You: Do you twitter ?
Stranger: nope
You: hmm...
Stranger: I consider twitter kind of like a fail facebook
You: yeah
You: me too
You: but ...ahh..i am the one among the rat race
You: hmmlol
You: ...
You: what is the recent movie that you've seen ?
You: ((why I always consider you as a male...))
Stranger: I've seen a lot recently. Just since getting back from break. Um.....sherlock holmes, imaginarium of doctor parnassus, up in the air, daybreakers
You: whoah
You: you've seen lot
Stranger: yeah, I always watch a lot when I'm home
Stranger: none up at school though
Stranger: only stuff on DVD
You: what kind of movie you like ?
You: me too
You: but I download them
You: sometimes
You: :D
You: what genre do you like
You: ?
You: action..adventure...comedy...musical...serious...international...horror...
Stranger: um, sci fi mostly
You: like 2012
Stranger: yeah, I mostly just stream movies
Stranger: uh......kinda sorta
You: my internet connection is too slow for streaming
Stranger: think more...space
You: so that's why I download
You: yah
Stranger: I've been watching a lot of old horror movies recently
You: like the omega man
Stranger: they're pretty awful, but I like them
You: I feel like chuck heston in the omega man
You: lol
Stranger: I've never seen that. What's that about?
You: I've never seen that...haha
You: actually that's is quote from another movies
You: movie*
You: you like the hills have the eyes
You: which is the best horrifying film that you've ever seen
You: ?
Stranger: never seen it. I kind of want to see the original, but not the remake
Stranger: um.......The Blob
You: i see that worm like
You: thing from the ground right
You: ohh
You: that is pretty old
Stranger: Cheesy 50s sci fi. But it has Steve McQueen so it rocks
Stranger: yeah, I like em from the 60s and earlier
You: indeed
You: ahh..no recent movies
You: haven't seen them
You: there are many horrific films than that
You: well..not horrific ...maybe more gory
You: like the 'Cannibal Holocaust'
You: and all
You: what about that ?
Stranger: eh, I'm not really so much into the gory. I like the fake gory and gratuitous violence coupled with the poor special effects of the 50s. I watch it more for the amusement value.
You: ic
You: you're pretty strange
You: I like you
You: I mean you're cinematic taste
Stranger: thanks. It's definitely...interesting.
Stranger: but I get people to watch movies with me.
You: have you seen the oldest king konh
You: yes...it's more more interesting if you do that
You: eating gossiping watching
Stranger: king kong
Stranger: yeah
You: & sitting bak
Stranger: mhm. the remake was good too though
You: ofcourse it is
You: soo
You: what else
You: bye then
You: www.twitter.com/cjnavaneet
You: Nice talking with you Danielle
You: :)
Stranger: mkay, laters
You: it's 12:00
Stranger: nice talking with you too
Stranger: kay, night!
Stranger: or good morning
You: kay, morning!
You: over and out
You: gotta sleep
Stranger: good night
You: swisssh.....
You have disconnected.

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