Thursday, February 4, 2010

Slaying Selfish Desires

From an Article (SPLENDOUR)

Slaying Selfish Desires

Selfish desires and anger bind us to selfish deeds. They are the enemies of the soul.

A fire may be covered by smoke; a mirror may be obscured by dust; the embryo lies deep within the womb. In the same way, wisdom is hidden by selfish desire-hidden by the urge to satisfy appetites that can never be satisfied.
Selfish desires are found in the senses, the emotions, and the intellect; they bury the mind in delusion. Fight them with all your strength. Control your senses, your emotions and your intellect; vanquish your enemies; conquer all that strives to conquer wisdom.
The power of the senses is formidable. But the emotions are more powerful that the senses and the intellect is more powerful that the emotions. The soul is the master of the intellect. So let the soul rule the intellect-and then you will slay all selfish desires.

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