Friday, October 28, 2011

The Scramble for 'Indian Rupee'

After the ground-breaking success of Pranchiyettan, Director Ranjith has come again with ‘Indian Rupee’ which is presently the buzzword at the time, and hopefully yet another success-story. The film, produced under the banner of August Cinema, stars Prithviraj, Thilakan, Rima Kallingal & Tini Tom in the lead roles. 

The film is a satirical take on the current generation’s attitude of getting rich quickly. Prithivraj plays the role of JP (Jaya Prakash) who, along with his friend CH (Tini Tom) works on a small real estate agency. JP is a typical Malayali with sky-high dreams and wishes to fulfill them by tactful methods on the real-estate brokerage.

Thilakan makes a prominent comeback to mainstream cinema through this film donning the role of Achutha Menon, who approaches JP for a business deal, which doesn’t materialize as expected. However, he later-on, allies with the two and subsequently boosts up their business with his uncanny assistance. Beena played by Rima Kallingal, is a cousin of JP and they’re in love. But JP feels himself ineligible to marry her as she is a doctor by profession and has a far better job status. That is also a reason why JP feels the need of making more money.

Thilakan (left), Prithvi (centre) & Tini Tom (right)
But the method he chooses for becoming rich, leads him to bigger problems and he slowly understands the fact that easy money isn’t after-all, that easy! Becoming a millionaire overnight is possible in dreams, but is it possible in real-life? Even if it’s possible, is that the right way? Here, the director satirizes those people who run after money for long that they eventually have no time for living.

Prithivraj has got a relatively good role in the film and he delivers an agreeable performance. Thilakan has again proved that his acting skills remain unparalleled and it’s sad to see him so less on films these days. Rima Kallingal, Jagathy Sreekumar, Tini Tom and Mammukkoya have all done justice to the roles they were given. But, there are also some evident flaws in the film. The first part is a bit draggy and the songs have not much of significance in the film, although they’re good. The film being highly informative and thought-provoking, not everybody could catch-up with the story as it is a bit hard to follow and is definitely not for kids.  Apart from those minor shortfalls, the film is a socially relevant one and  fairly entertaining. Don’t miss this if you’re a good movie enthusiast.

Written on 12 October, 2011 

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