Friday, October 14, 2011

Snehaveedu Review

From the lush green paddy fields of Palakkad, we are taken into a typical village where a variety of people that are distinctive to any village, are shown. From scene one itself, one could easily figure out that this is a Sathyan Anthikad product.

The story revolves around Ajayan (Mohanlal), an unmarried man who came back to his hometown after working in different places, to look after his ageing Mother, Ammukutty Amma (Sheela). Ajayan remarks to his friend Balachandran (Biju Menon), how he loathed his work-life on the buzzing cities of Chennai and Gulf-countries, that he felt so good to be back on the village again.  He refuses to get married and seems to be quite content living with his Mother. Until one day, a teenager named Karthik (Rahul Pillai) comes from Chennai to the calm and quiet place, claiming to be Ajayan's son. The boy soon gets close to Ammukkutty Amma while Ajayan desperately tries to prove that Karthik is not his son.

Although, the plot seems to be original, there is nothing new on it and seems to be a mash-up of Sathyan’s recent films like Manasinakkare, Rasathanathram and all. Cinematography by Venu is simply brilliant. The beautiful frames of Attappadi have been captured brilliantly. Music by Ilaiyaraja seems fairly not very impressive.  Direction of Sathyan Anthikad is average, but the repetition in his movies make the film look a bit clichéd. But the usual family audience seen on any Sathyan Anthikad movie were also present on the theatre. And most of them are rather pleased by the movie, as it succeeds on
bringing that nostalgic village effect to the viewer’s mind with its scenic locations and effective use of situational comedies, plus good characterization. Every village have some particular kind of interesting people and those are provided by Innocent’s role as Karinkannan Mathai and even the fellow whom Ajayan meets on the Attappadi visit, ‘Manian’.

Additionally, performance from the artists including the newface Rahul Pillai has done justice to their roles. But the weak plot of the movie and the lack of detail on the final scenes make it less believable and the depth of the emotions displayed by the characters isn’t transferred to the audience.


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