Tuesday, October 29, 2013

Save Oil, Lift India

One of the main factors resulting in India’s continuing economic downfall is our uncontrolled fuel usage. Each one of us could help save our economy by limiting the consumption of fuel that we use for vehicles. If we could reduce the number of vehicles in the road, not only that would reduce traffic jams and pollution, we are also saving our economy from its present crisis.
There are many solo travelling two-wheelers in our city. Though many of these motorists are willing to offer a lift to those who need it, most of us wouldn’t dare ask for a lift as that could possibly end up as an embarrassment, i.e. if the motorist doesn’t stop by.
The idea being proposed here is that if the solo travelling motorist who is willing to offer a lift could paste the above logo titled “Lift Offered” on their vehicle or helmet, those people in need of a lift could ask for it without hesitation.
If Unions, Organisations and Netizens would take the initiative to propagate this message and make it a reality, this would contribute to lift our economy from its present crisis and would also improve fraternity.